synbrAIn acquires SenticLab

After several years of collaboration that led to the development of innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, synbrAIn has acquired SenticLab, with the goal of supporting further growth of the entire company group.

After 4 years of constant collaboration, SenticLab has been acquired by our main business partner: synbrAIn. Founded in 2018 in Milan, Italy, synbrAIn is also located in other two Italian cities, Palermo and Verona, and its growth has been constant along the last years, with many collaborations with both academia and industry in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Since 2020, SenticLab data scientists have been engaged in close collaboration with the synbrAIn team, focusing on the application of artificial intelligence to the automatic analysis of medical images. The contribution of SenticLab in this field was crucial in the development of algorithms adopted in various commercial products, such as Airx by MS HUMANAID, as well as in the definition of new solutions to complex problems (as demonstrated by the particularly positive results obtained in international competitions).

synbrAIn’s data scientists and collaborators have often been involved in the development of novel artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, not only with industries but also in more research-oriented activities, as evidenced by the numerous publications in areas such as deep learning, medical image analysis and natural language processing. All together, synbrAIn and SenticLab teams have more than 170 scientific publications!

synbrAIn has also been involved in several research projects funded by national and international bodies, as in the case of the Digi-B-Cube initiative under the H2020 framework funded by the European community.

SenticLab will continue to operate autonomously in an even more determined way, making use of the resources that synbrAIn will make available to support the already numerous development projects in place, as well as the research planned for the coming years.