S. Sorce, V. Gentile, D. Cascio, A. Giuliano, M. Tabacchi, V. Taormina, D. Tegolo, C. Valenti, G. Raso

A REST-based Framework to Support Non-Invasive and Early Coeliac Disease Diagnosis

Medical Imaging Analysis and Diagnostics

The health sector has traditionally been one of the early adopters of databases, from the most simple Electronic Health Record (formerly Computer-Based Patient Record) systems in use in general practice, hospitals and intensive care units to big data, multidata based systems used to support diagnosis and care decisions. In this paper we present a framework to support non-invasive and early diagnosis of coeliac disease. The proposed framework makes use of well-known technologies and techniques, both hardware and software, put together in a novel way. The main goals of our framework are: (1) providing users with a reliable and fast repository of a large amount of data; (2) to make such repository accessible by means of a suitable API in multiple modes, such as intuitive web-based or mobile visual interfaces; (3) to allow for data processing and analysis, as a basis for decision support systems.

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